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April 3: Several hundred students, staff, and faculty attended a "teach-in" on issues related to the war in Iraq. A number of UCSC faculty members participated.

See Currents story.

March 31: Dedication of a campus place for "quiet reflection."

Chancellor Greenwood, right, dedicates space in the Upper Quarry Amphitheater as a place for people to express themselves about the war in Iraq. A participant, above, writes a note on a "community collage."
UC Santa Cruz has prepared this page in order to keep members of the campus community informed about efforts and policies to promote dialogue and learning related to the war in Iraq.

Latest News

04-07-03: Several hundred students, staff, and faculty participated in a "teach-in" on issues related to the war in Iraq. See Currents story.

04-02-03: Counseling and Psychological Services has issued two publications to help people cope with the war. See 自由門ios版.

04-01-03: The UC Education Abroad Program has issued a message about "Student Safety and the Situation in Iraq." More

03-31-03: A UCSC psychologist who is a propaganda expert has been in great demand by reporters since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq began. More

03-21-03: Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) at UCSC is reaching out to students, staff, and faculty regarding the effects of the war in Iraq. Small-group discussions will be facilitated by CPS mental-health professionals. See On-Campus Resources.


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